Marabou Design 2011 White House Visit.jpg

Dear President Obama, 

I will never forget the feeling of hope and potential for progress when you were sworn into office in 2008. I took this photo of our daughter on the White House lawn in 2011, and remember the feeling of pride as I told her the first African-American president lives there! In history, you may be known as the 44th president, but you will always be the 1st for many. My family and I are so thankful to have shared these past 8 years with you and your beautiful family. Words can never express how much your integrity, humanity and elegance has meant to us throughout your presidency. No one is perfect, but your ability to get things done in the face of outright bias and covert racism from men & women who would rather you fail than America succeed, showed your grace and commitment to service. There are so many things I’m going to miss about you, Mr. Obama. You may not have made everyone happy, but you certainly tried. The effort of your achievements created a lasting legacy for many generations to come and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Mr. President, First Lady, Sasha and Malia Obama.


Brandy Brown & family